On this very day, October 3rd of the year 2015, in Greece, and more specifically on the actual site of the sanctuary of Apollo Thermios, which was the eminent primordial religious and political center of the Aetolian League—nowadays placed under the auspices of the municipality of Thermon in the prefecture of Aetolia and Acarnania—and where for a great many centuries the cult of Apollo gave a lot of impetus to the course towards the conception of Goodness, the inaugural commencement ceremony and revival of the annual Thermian Games is currently taking place in the context of this scientific symposium. Thus, the members of the Society of Friends of the Museum and Archaeological Site of Thermon, as well as the entirety of delegates present, currently deliberating on the fundamentals of the implementation of democracy and egalitarianism on account of which the 4thcentury BC Aetolian League became a leading political force where the bellicose adverse motives of individual member states were actually transformed into a dialectical nexus that became the auspicious modus for the lengthiest and most felicitous course towards the notion of the Good,

Unanimously make a decision to submit to the global community, its leaders, as well as its institutional organizations, the procedures of the Aetolian League as an exemplary socio-political role model.

At the present time, the demise of the humanities and its values, globalization, the series of armed conflicts, the recurrent violent uprooting of populations, the radical demographic changes, and the ongoing degradation of the inner life of the “peripheral” countries, as well as the immensity and urgency of social, political, and financial problems, make the historical relevance and present reimplementation of the founding principles of the Transnational/Interstate formation of the Aetolian League de novo imperative. This is primarily because the League was founded on the principles of democracy, arbitration, the autonomy of its members, equal privileges, and the full-fledged cession and assignment of equal rights to the entirety of its political affiliations.

Accordingly, from this sacred site of the sanctuary of Apollo Thermios, in our capacity as heirs of a significant civilization making a plea for social and global governance submitted with a view to global prosperity that remains a rightful and dutiful cause for all, we urge the international community to redefine the existent social system, as well as the values and dialectics of our shared anthropocentric culture, which the Greeks have amongst the first bequeathed to mankind.