Excavation Summons

Ancient Thermon was the capital, as well as political and religious centre of the Aetolian League. This site is the cradle of Democracy, the constitution that generated values, institutions, and culture. The same locus is where the major political assemblies of the Aetolians were taking place (Thermia). At this very site, the concept of direct Democracy was set under the auspices of the temple of Apollo, the principles of federation and arbitration formed the League of the Aetolians and offered to the world the operating standards for the implementation of democratic politics.

However, a sequence of ruthless raiders, as well as the relentless passage of time, have inflicted damage on the cultural splendor of the site.

An overpowering invitation, challenge, and obligation de novo invites the prompt commencement of research excavation that will hopefully unveil artifacts immersed in the silence of centuries.

The latest archaeological excavation by Prof. Papapostolou, and the two lithic stairways brought to light, did not reach their final destination and true orientation. This cessation can be solely attributed to the insufficiency of relevant funding. 

Priceless treasures are hidden in the bowels of the Aetolian land waiting for the archaeologists to illuminate their wonders …

It is imperative to find the appropriate individuals—people with a special love for our cultural heritage, with spiritual sensitivity, and, of course, with relative financial strength—in order to proceed with the excavations, which will most definitely leave us aghast at the sight of the recovered artifacts, and will endlessly offer testimony to the greatness of the excavation sponsors and the glorious history of this site.

Besides, the list of national benefactors does not solely limit itself to the individuals that elevate buildings; it primarily concerns those who are able to bring to light the treasures of our “heavy industry,” our mutual cultural heritage that needs the assistance of donors to be developed and promoted.

We expect a noble and bold move that will hopefully lead to the commencement of a new excavation and the unfolding of the mysteries and well-kept secrets of the Aetolian land.

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We thank you in advance for your assistance….

“Friends of the Thermon Archaeological Museum and Site.”

Thermo, July 7th , 2016