On the occasion of the INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM DAY (IMD) on Monday, May 18th, 2015.

According to the existing announcement of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), the International Museum Day constitutes a unique opportunity to highlight “the importance of museums in the further development of society.” This is one of the existing principles of the founding conditions of the Association of Friends of the Thermon Archaeological Museum and Site.

The newly founded Association of Friends of the Thermon Archaeological Museum and Site welcomes this year’s International Museum Day. Due to its discovery in the late 19th century, ancient Thermon with its unique archaeological importance, left an indelible mark on modern socio-political life through the promotion of the values of the Aetolian League.

The Archaeological Museum of Thermon was founded having as its primary objective the safeguarding of the testimonies of its glorious ancient past; the artifacts and movable finds that were unearthed in the archaeological site of Thermon. The archaeological site, as well as the Museum of Thermon, as a literal continuation of the legacy of the exiguous lithic prior museum still remaining standing within the limits of the archaeological site itself, are, inextricably tied continuously complementing each other effectively.

The Association of Friends of the Thermon Archaeological Museum and Site was established in order to facilitate the successful operation of the Museum of Thermon and contribute to the smooth and proper functioning of both the Museum and the homonymous archaeological site. This can only be achieved with the active participation of us all.

Ancient Thermon was an important cult center of Greek antiquity. The museum and the archaeological site of Thermon belong to the collective cultural heritage of all nations. We, as citizens of the present municipality of Thermo, as well as all citizens regardless of ethnic/racial identity, are mutually invited to support the afore-mentioned Museum and archaeological site demonstrating our vested interest and devotion to the legacy of our culture.

Thermo, May 17th, 2015